End the year the Marbella way – in style

Publication: 23 Dec. 2021
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While colder weather is more typically associated with Christmas and New Year’s Eve, those who can, select their end of year destinations with care. Naturally, a classic snow-covered ski setting remains popular, but more and more people are opting for warmer climes to spend the holiday season.

Fed up with the bad weather by the time Christmas arrives, they make plans to travel to hotter, sunnier locations, and while this can mean long-distance voyages to rather exotic spots such as Mauritius, Mexico or South Africa, the perfect blend for a great many is to mix a Northern Hemisphere seasonal atmosphere with the non-tropical warmth of sunny Mediterranean spots.

When it comes to this, Marbella is not only the sunniest and warmest part of Europe at this time of year, but also endowed with the kind of infrastructure and service culture to make this a great place to end the year in style and comfort.

A preferred time among Marbella homeowners
It is one of various reasons why those who can choose anywhere have properties in Marbella, and while summer and the long golfing season are other important motives for doing so, a large proportion of foreign property owners in Marbella love being here this time of year, when it is sunny, atmospheric, relaxed and filled with a fun, cosmopolitan feel.

They visit their homes with friends and family, using their Marbella property as a meeting point where groups of people converge from all around the world for the most important of all times for loved ones to gather – enjoying the high standard of shopping, dining, culture, leisure, nightlife and personal concierge services that make it convenient to host parties of any size.

With Málaga, Marbella’s historic quarter, surrounding nature and local towns and villages at their most charming at this time of year, it’s an ideal place in which to say goodbye to one year and welcome in another – in Marbella style!