Marbella Hills Homes drives electric and commits itself to sustainable business

Publication: 28 Mar. 2020
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The world seems to have turned a corner and suddenly the voices of environmentalists and those concerned about the state of nature and our impact on it are being heard. Now there is an awareness that we have to change our ways, and indeed a willingness to move forward and replace harmful materials such as plastic with more environmentally friendly ones. Sustainability is the new buzz word in everything from engineering and construction to retail and packaging, and here plastics are singled out as a threat to nature, animals and the ecosystem in general.

Don’t forget that we depend on the ecosystem too, so let’s work together to ensure our beautiful planet is cleaned up before it gets much worse. More and more initiatives in the Marbella area are doing just that, from organisations rallying volunteers to clean up beaches and parks, and educating citizens to keep them tidy in the first place, to new initiatives aimed at replacing single-use plastics with biodegradable materials made from potato peels, rice, bamboo and also recycled rubbish. You would be amazed at just what can be done with recycled refuse, and naturally it’s all thoroughly cleaned and good as any new product.

Eco-friendly office
At Marbella Hills Homes we wholeheartedly support such initiatives and take our own responsibilities seriously. You see, it’s not just politicians, manufacturers and supermarkets that have to clean up their act, it also falls to us everyday consumers and businesspeople to look at how we can do our bit to contribute to a cleaner, healthier environment. We should be motivated by the kind of world we’re leaving to our children, and the one we live in now. So we’ve gone through our own office, procedures and equipment with a fine tooth comb and eliminated all unnecessary plastics, single-use products and other harmful materials we could find.

Our own electric vehicle
Property agents tend to drive a lot, viewing, evaluating and listing properties, showing potential buyers around, meeting them at notaries and also attending product launches and meetings. We try to plan our trips as efficiently as possible, but also decided to go electric, so we’ve traded in the turbodiesels for an electric car that now proudly sports the Marbella Hills Home name. We believe solutions start at home, so we’re doing our bit to make our business and sector as environmentally friendly and sustainable as possible.

We got in touch with our IT company, and they confirmed that they also are committed to recycling in the office and work with ecologically responsible servers – Datacenters. Our marketing company, does the same and even runs a special initiative called to help raise awareness of the plastic threat.

Well done to everybody! We’re glad to do our bit and encourage everyone to do the same.