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The birth of Marbella as a jet-set destination

Publication: 2 Jan. 2019

Once a charming little fishing town delivered from centuries of pirating raids by the 1830 French conquest of Algeria, Marbella was ‘discovered’ as a jet-set paradise not by foreigners but by Spanish aristocrats in the 1930s. This area had been part of the Grand Tour, which led Northern Europeans and Americans such as Lord Byron, Irving Washington and Prosper Mérimée to admire its majestic mountain ranges and Mediterranean shoreline before setting off for Italy or Greece. But it was with the arrival of the 20th century jet-set that Marbella began its journey from village to international glamour capital.

New Year and Three Kings festivities in Marbella

Publication: 30 Dec. 2018

Children in many countries around Europe will feel envious when they hear that for Spanish kids, Christmas is still going on and creating magic until the 6th January each year. Unlike their counterparts in other nations, youngsters in Spain receive their main presents almost a week after the New Year has arrived and they will still be eating sweets, with their parents’ full permission.

Marbella’s Old Town is made for Christmas

Publication: 18 Dec. 2018

Marbella’s Old Town preserves the style of an Andalusian village, so when the beautiful narrow streets, squares and shops have been decorated with Christmas lights, it’s the perfect backdrop for your Christmas in Spain!

Christmas in Marbella

Publication: 11 Dec. 2018

Although sunshine and beach days are the first things you may think of when Marbella is mentioned, it is also a vibrant spot during the festive season. It may not be quite as hot as in July, but there are dry, sunny days as well as all the seasonal entertainments expected in other countries across Europe.

Marbella property and home entertaining – the perfect combination

Publication: 6 Dec. 2018

What do you envisage as the quintessential property for home entertaining? Would your dream house feature a traditional grand dining room with flamboyant candelabra? Maybe an uber chic open plan kitchen that flows through into an eating area with contemporary modern seating? Or perhaps a beautiful terrace area with wooden decking and large rustic table where you can wine and dine under the stars.

How to obtain Spanish Citizenship or Permanent Residency

Publication: 27 Nov. 2018

People from outside the European Union, and one should probably add British citizens to that list now as the UK prepares to leave the EU in March 2019, need Spanish citizenship if they want to reside in Spain on a permanent basis. There are of course quite stringent regulations governing citizenship, but let’s look at what is required.