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What buyers look for in new developments this season

Publication: 20 Oct. 2020

The property market, like all consumer-based ones, is always evolving and incorporating new technologies, trends and social reactions. Not surprisingly, the Covid situation has had a big impact too, and it is being reflected in the latest home designs, especially in Marbella.

Contemporary design and luxury in Marbella

Publication: 19 Oct. 2020

Some of the earliest properties built in Marbella belonged to the school of modern architecture. In fact, with their sleek white lines and single-storey dimensions, these villas built as long ago as the 1950s and 1960s have stood the test of time and continue to look fresh today. In the years that followed, architects favoured a more traditional Mediterranean style that celebrated the rich variety of decorative detail in this region, though most homes continued to be white. This changed in the 1990s, when famous architect Melvin Villaroël introduced the earthy terracotta tones inspired by southern Morocco that would later become so popular on the Costa del Sol.

Resort developments in Marbella – the ultimate lifestyle blend

Publication: 2 Oct. 2020

Many of those who have gone on to buy a home in Marbella and surroundings, first stayed in one of the hotels in the area, yet now there are also luxury new developments that allow you to have the best of all worlds: your own property in Marbella within a private development with all the amenities of a resort.

Marbella’s luxury property segment stable in uncertain times

Publication: 24 Sep. 2020

While it is true that the travel restrictions resulting from the Covid-19 crisis have greatly reduced the number of international tourists to the Costa del Sol, the impact on the higher end of the Marbella property market has been pretty much non-existent. In fact, local studies and market reports indicate a flood of new enquiries coming in as the lockdown eased, and by mid-June sales began to rise to above the same level last year.

Marbella golf properties – a cherished way of life

Publication: 11 Sep. 2020

Golf is more than just a sport on the Costa del Sol, it is a way of life. In fact, the picture of stylish homes lining lush green golf courses is as much a part of the region’s scenery as are views of the mountains and the Mediterranean Sea.

Marbella—the safe city

Publication: 31 Aug. 2020

Marbella has become the first Spanish city to received a Covid-safe certificate.