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Marbesa and Carib Playa – Marbella by the beach

Publication: 11 Feb. 2019

Among those who live and visit here regularly, the area on the east side of Marbella is known for having the best beaches not just in greater Marbella, but pretty much the entire Costa del Sol. It’s also a region known for its space, mountain and sea views, excellent amenities and attractive residential areas.

The beautiful gardens of Marbella

Publication: 8 Feb. 2019

As we write, it’s still winter, with spring seemingly around the corner since the temperatures are mild, the skies mostly blue and the countryside green and devoid of the barren look found in much of Northern Europe at this time of year. There is already much floral beauty to admire and the gardens – both public and private or indeed communal as part of an urbanisation – look in good condition, but this is a time of year when people start planning their homes’ green areas so they’re in time for the beginning of the new planting season in late February, early March.

El Madroñal and its exceptional homes

Publication: 28 Jan. 2019

El Madroñal is one of the most exclusive and secure residential communities in Marbella. Located in the foothills of the surrounding mountain range and positioned 400 metres above sea level, the panoramic views from here are simply sensational. In addition to this, El Madroñal is the perfect setting for those buyers seeking privacy and an abundance of natural beauty.

A Marbella icon: Hotel Los Monteros

Publication: 25 Jan. 2019

Founded in the early sixties, the Hotel Los Monteros ranks alongside the Marbella Club Hotel, the Puente Romano and also the Hotel Don Pepe as the very reference of five-star luxury in Marbella and far beyond. More than that, it is one of the luxury icons of this glamorous seaside resort town, which has drawn so many to its shores in search of the ultimate lifestyle Europe has to offer.

A British fund is investing 25 million euros in the building of five ultra luxury Villas

The best views in Marbella

Publication: 12 Jan. 2019

This week, those of us living in Marbella have witnessed some spectacular sunsets; the sky has blazed in every shade from a pale pink through tangerine to an array of reds that would test any artist’s palette. For those lucky enough to have an elevated sea view, Gibraltar stood out clearly against the skyline, and the view of the North African coastline extended far beyond the usual vista of Jebel Musa, the mountain directly across the Straits from Gibraltar.

The birth of Marbella as a jet-set destination

Publication: 2 Jan. 2019

Once a charming little fishing town delivered from centuries of pirating raids by the 1830 French conquest of Algeria, Marbella was ‘discovered’ as a jet-set paradise not by foreigners but by Spanish aristocrats in the 1930s. This area had been part of the Grand Tour, which led Northern Europeans and Americans such as Lord Byron, Irving Washington and Prosper Mérimée to admire its majestic mountain ranges and Mediterranean shoreline before setting off for Italy or Greece. But it was with the arrival of the 20th century jet-set that Marbella began its journey from village to international glamour capital.