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Summer concerts come to Marbella

Publication: 6 Jul. 2019

Marbella is a lot of fun and summer is a great time to make the most of some of the festivals held along the coast.

Monte Halcones for majestic Marbella living

Publication: 27 Jun. 2019

Head up the Ronda road from San Pedro Alcántara, and within about five minutes you will arrive at the immaculate, ocre-coloured buildings of Monte Halćones.

Luxury and style in Los Monteros

Publication: 20 Jun. 2019

Los Monteros, a resort area east of Marbella, has for many years been regarded as being a highly desirable residential location. Its proximity to Málaga airport has helped to attract a swathe of international residents, including a number of celebrities, chief among them actor and local boy Antonio Banderas.

Watch your dream Marbella Property before view

Publication: 13 Jun. 2019

Are you looking for your perfect piece of real estate in Marbella but can’t seem to find the time to come over and view it in person, let alone find a listing that actually interests you? At Marbella Hills we are making the process easier.

Where it’s at – Puerto Banús

Publication: 4 Jun. 2019

Los Angeles has the Sunset Strip, Monaco has La Condamine and London has the West End, but in Marbella we have Puerto Banús. The glamorous marina launched in 1970 by Madrid-based property developer, José Banús, soon became a jet-set hotspot of international allure, drawing a wide range of celebrities from around the world and across the decades. As a result, it has played host to Sean Connery, James Hunt, Joan Collins, Philippe Junot, David Beckham, Julio Iglesias (who sang at the opening event), Sergio Ramos and many more famous names and faces from sport, film, music and business.

The unwavering appeal of frontline beach locations

Publication: 23 May. 2019

Location, location, location is the golden rule of real estate, and when it comes to locations, there isn’t much that can beat a Marbella frontline beach location. Amid the many things that have changed over the years, this is a constant factor that has remained in place since Marbella first became a jet-set location in the 1950s, and frontline beach locations in Marbella are as popular now as they were back then.