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The impact of a new generation of buyer in Marbella

Publication: 23 May. 2022

For a while now, a new kind of property buyer has been gradually manifesting itself on the Costa del Sol, and in particular in the Marbella area. Where once upper middle-class retirees and second home owners dominated the market, followed later by wealthy Russian, Middle Eastern and Northern European buyers, a new trend has again been visible for some years now.

The value of 360-degree virtual tours

Publication: 20 May. 2022

Walk-through video presentations of Marbella homes have been available for some time now as a tool used to add further detail for people interested in a particular property. In this way they add to the property descriptions, fact sheets, images and also floor plans available to potential buyers, and in addition to presentational and aerial drone videos give you that ‘live’ feeling of getting to know the property.

Summer life in Marbella

Publication: 10 May. 2022

Summers on the Costa del Sol revolve around the beaches by day, and social venues in the evening. A day may therefore typically involve a morning workout, yoga or walking route, following by a refreshing dip in a pool, before minds turn to the seaside, beach clubs, lagoon lakes or simply days spent on your own sundeck and swimming pool.

Masks off as Spain opens up for summer

Publication: 3 May. 2022

A new era begins as we begin to leave the awful experience of the Covid pandemic behind us, and in Spain conditions are such that the authorities have, after detailed deliberations, decided to further ease the restrictions that were in place.

Our team speaks your language

Publication: 26 Apr. 2022

It’s nice to deal with an international team that can discuss your needs in your own language. Quite apart from the fact that most people don’t speak fluent Spanish when they buy a property in Marbella, it’s always a bit overwhelming when you’re adapting to a different legal system, transaction procedures and way of doing things, so at times like this when clarity is of utmost importance you’ll really want to receive information and give feedback and instructions in your native tongue.

Top 5 Marbella locations for beach lovers

Publication: 20 Apr. 2022

As we enter spring, thoughts on the Costa del Sol naturally shift towards the beach. Exercise regimes are stepped up in preparation for summer wear and plans made for the sunny season, when besides the sand, beach clubs, fish restaurants and water sports also beckon. Thanks to a long shoreline there are many beachside spots to choose from in Marbella, but here are our top 5, based on personal preference and many years of client feedback: