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Summer concerts in Marbella 2022

Publication: 28 Jun. 2022

The summer season in Marbella brings with it a whole calendar of events that range from food festivals and farmers’ markets to cultural and sports events, charity gala dinners, fashion shows and of course a longstanding tradition of concerts.

The ever-popular beachfront apartments in Marbella

Publication: 23 Jun. 2022

Frontline beach apartments in Marbella have long been at the top of the property list in Marbella, as in many other seaside and resort markets around the world – challenged only by villas in a beachfront location.

Why choose an exclusive agent when selling your Marbella property

Publication: 15 Jun. 2022

In many markets and countries, such as for instance the United Kingdom and the Netherlands, real estate agencies work on a strictly territorial basis, specialising in and covering a specific residential area. As a result, they will often know little about the property market specifics of surroundings zones, but know theirs inside out. In such a situation, exclusivity – i.e. the sole representation and marketing of a property on behalf of the owner – is quite a common practice, but in many ways the Costa del Sol, and Marbella in particular, is a very different real estate market.

Top residential areas in Marbella – 2022

Publication: 8 Jun. 2022

Every property market, including that of Marbella, is made up of different residential zones, each with their own setting, views, characteristics, properties, desirability, standing and accompanying pricing. Within this range, there are the timeless favourites and the newly up-and-coming areas. Together, they make up the focus of the market.

Why is La Alquería a rising star in Marbella real estate?

Publication: 31 May. 2022

In Marbella, as in most real estate markets, there are distinct residential areas each with their own locational advantages, characteristics, views and of course also different levels of prestige, demand and the price tags attached to this. This, of course, is quite apart from the different surroundings, properties and lifestyles each area offers.

The impact of a new generation of buyer in Marbella

Publication: 23 May. 2022

For a while now, a new kind of property buyer has been gradually manifesting itself on the Costa del Sol, and in particular in the Marbella area. Where once upper middle-class retirees and second home owners dominated the market, followed later by wealthy Russian, Middle Eastern and Northern European buyers, a new trend has again been visible for some years now.