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The importance of living space in your Marbella home

Publication: 25 May. 2020

The coronavirus has made us appreciate what we already knew – namely that living space is an essential part of any Marbella home, and the private area your house provides is the essence of having a safe and comfortable spot in which to relax, socialise, entertain, enjoy family life and be yourself.

Why Andalucía is a safe haven

Publication: 11 May. 2020

Spain, like Italy, made the headlines when the coronavirus struck Europe, as these were the two countries initially hardest-hit, but as both slowly ease away from lockdown restrictions having turned a corner in terms of diminishing new cases and fatalities, it becomes clear that Andalucía – and the Costa del Sol in particular – was one of the least-affected parts of the country.

How technology has transformed the Marbella home

Publication: 5 May. 2020

When we think of technology we look at the smart phone in our hands, and how it has beaten a path from the earliest mainframes and PCs to laptops and tablets in changing the way we work, communicate, access information and even entertain ourselves. This kind of hardware, along with the internet and other forms of software behind it, have transformed the world we know and given shape to the 21st century. Indeed, we live in a technological era in which scientific and electronic evolution are speeding up exponentially, and literally invading the home.

Marbella homes with magnificent gardens

Publication: 3 May. 2020

Whether you’re in Marbella or elsewhere, having access to a garden and personal green space is a wonderful privilege, and given its wonderfully sunny climate, there are few places in Europe where outdoor living is as varied and rewarding as here.

Life after lockdown

Publication: 21 Apr. 2020

At the time of writing we find ourselves in Marbella in a surreal lockdown situation that we share with large parts of the world. In this sense there is a shared experience across most of the globe, but while our concerns are first and foremost with overcoming this challenge and getting life back to normality, many also find their thoughts projecting forward to the near future, when the current crisis is over and we do return to our everyday lives.

The eternal appeal of Puerto Banús

Publication: 13 Apr. 2020

This year, the glamorous marina of Puerto Banús celebrates its 50th anniversary. Opened in 1970 with a lavish, jet-set party, this exclusive yacht marina has gone on to become a beacon of luxury that attracts the biggest stars, largest yachts and high society from around the world. Puerto Banús is a hub for fine dining, nightlife, café society, designer shopping, jewellery stores and one of the largest and finest El Corte Inglés department stores in Spain.