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Marvellous Magna Marbella

Publication: 17 Feb. 2021

Magna Marbella is one of the most noteworthy luxury complexes in the Marbella area, and one in which Marbella Hills Homes has a great deal of expertise. We know this gated community of luxurious Marbella apartments, penthouses and garden apartments well, and have helped many clients find a lovely holiday home or fulltime residence here.

Top luxury Marbella developments for 2021

Publication: 9 Feb. 2021

If you thought that there’s less activity on the Costa del Sol because of Covid you’d be wrong. Just as there are still movies and fashion collections being released, so there is selection of exciting new developments in Marbella and surroundings that answers the latest requirements and preferences of today’s buyers.

What does 2021 hold in store for luxury real estate in Marbella?

Publication: 9 Feb. 2021

Enough said about 2020 and how Covid has impacted society, the economy and the real estate market, but what does 2021 hold in store for us in Marbella? As we enter the year, we see the markets have found a new indicator – measuring as they do the rate of progress in the drive to vaccinate entire populations, and rating companies and countries accordingly.

How contemporary Marbella design is evolving

Publication: 1 Feb. 2021

As we approached a new decade, the Costa del Sol’s love affair with sleek white modern architectural styles began to evolve. After almost ten years of avant-garde cubist domination, occasionally accompanied with minimalist colour tones and interior décor, a softening of lines began to enter the scene. Driven by feedback from buyers, Marbella architects began to return to some classic Mediterranean and Andalusian elements by incorporating sloping rooflines, more natural materials and sometimes even traditional rooftiles.

Marbella property features people looked for in 2020

Publication: 22 Jan. 2021

2020 was a year of many changes – some temporary and others more long-lasting, as some of the trends that emerged or accelerated during the year are here to stay.

Why we choose to list only the top properties in Marbella

Publication: 18 Jan. 2021

Marbella Hills Homes is a select property agency that does not list every Marbella property it comes across. Instead, we are highly selective of the homes that we work hard to market and find buyers for, and this comes not from any form of snobbery but from the fact that when we commit ourselves to promoting a home we do it with full conviction of our time, know-how and resources.