Masks off as Spain opens up for summer

Publication: 3 May. 2022
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A new era begins as we begin to leave the awful experience of the Covid pandemic behind us, and in Spain conditions are such that the authorities have, after detailed deliberations, decided to further ease the restrictions that were in place.

As a result, the wearing of masks is no longer obligatory in Marbella, neither in public outdoor areas or indoors. This means that you will no longer have to put on a facemask when entering supermarkets, shops, hotels, restaurants, bar, offices or any other facility other than medical clinics and hospitals, pharmacies, nursing homes and on public transport. After two years, therefore, the wearing of masks is becoming a thing of the past, a situation made possible by the rapid decline in serious Covid cases requiring hospitalisation.

It heralds in the gradual return to normality that has been so keenly desired not just in Spain, but across Europe and the wider world. Though the lockdown restrictions in the country were strict and firm right from the beginning of the crisis, the situation subsequently improved to the point where their slow but gradual lifting became possible, making Spain one of the most pleasant places to be over the past year – as if it wasn’t so already! The early action of the authorities, along with space and warm weather, played an important role in this process.

The Marbella summer is back!
For the first time in two years, therefore, summer is truly back on the Costa del Sol, with the freedom to enjoy the sun, sea, dining, sports and socialising as we always have before. The summer season is back for all to enjoy, and while the authorities are keeping a keen eye on everything, it feels like we’ve finally returned to the times before Covid, with restaurants, cafés, beach clubs and new resort hotels and leisure facilities opening up for the season across the Costa del Sol, with Marbella at its heart.

Many will be enjoying the pleasures of this region from the luxury of their private homes or rented villa or apartment accommodation, revelling in the fantastic sunny weather, the open spaces and views, the leisure amenities, lively social vibe and the gastronomy of a coast ready to enjoy life in style once more.