The value of 360-degree virtual tours

Publication: 20 May. 2022
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Walk-through video presentations of Marbella homes have been available for some time now as a tool used to add further detail for people interested in a particular property. In this way they add to the property descriptions, fact sheets, images and also floor plans available to potential buyers, and in addition to presentational and aerial drone videos give you that ‘live’ feeling of getting to know the property.

Since this particular tool rose to prominence during the Covid pandemic, when many people were looking for properties in areas such as Marbella via online media, it has become popularly known as a 360-degree virtual tour, though shouldn’t be confused with virtual reality (VR) presentations. The latter make use of advanced VR technology, as previously developed in computer games and movies, where backgrounds are inserted and Computer-Generated Imagery (CGI) and effects are applied.

The kind of virtual tour we use at Marbella Hills Homes, for example, is an advanced walk-through video with personal description of the property. It’s ideal for people who are still in the early selection stages before coming over to view properties in person, or also for those who are interested in buying a Marbella property but simply don’t have the time to fly over in the short term. Either way, a video tour of this kind provides a far more accurate representation of the property.

The modern camera technology does much to create an immersive sense where it seems like you’re really joining us on the tour and get a true feel for the look, specs and dimensions of the property in question. To this we add of course short but informative descriptions, quality images, a full spec sheet and floor plans, and in many cases also aerial drone imagery of the property, its gardens, views and surroundings.

Where once it was imperative to come and see a home in person each time you were serious enough to want to see it up close, now modern technology makes it possible to handle all the preliminary stages and preselection process remotely – from your home or office – before visiting a final selection of cherry-picked Marbella properties in person.

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