The impact of a new generation of buyer in Marbella

Publication: 23 May. 2022
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For a while now, a new kind of property buyer has been gradually manifesting itself on the Costa del Sol, and in particular in the Marbella area. Where once upper middle-class retirees and second home owners dominated the market, followed later by wealthy Russian, Middle Eastern and Northern European buyers, a new trend has again been visible for some years now.

The ‘new’ buyer in Marbella and surroundings is a little younger, typically 30s to 50s, and for this reason we’re often talking about families with children, as a result of which local international schools are growing fast. Today’s buyer is most typically Scandinavian, Dutch or Belgian, though people from the British Isles, France, Germany and other regions continue to love this region too, and they are increasingly joined by affluent Polish, Czech and Romanian buyers.

A change in tastes
The above has also resulted in a change in tastes and preferences. Where a few years ago those looking for property to buy in Marbella and surroundings focused on very large, opulent villas with a touch of bling, and continued this vibe at trendy white beach clubs and restaurants, the new generation of homebuyers on the Costa del Sol is more low-key, focusing more on quality and special experiences rather than ostentation.

They seek health-orientated restaurants and beach cafés with a natural, laid-back feel, bringing a little of that Tarifa magic to this area, and also searching for property to buy in Marbella that is modern, stylish, not quite as big but focused upon quality, style and well-being. The style, in this case, is a blend of modern architectural lines with large windows and open-plan interiors, but blended with natural materials such as stone, and wood, with special Zen areas and Mediterranean design touches.

Remote working and tech start-ups
Many of these professionals and entrepreneurs are tech-savvy, and while working remotely from home is one of the reasons they are increasingly choosing to live in Marbella rather than just spending holidays here, others are starting up businesses or opening offices in and around the town. Office space is now at a premium, and co-working centres are also very popular, creating not just a ‘new luxury’ style but also a very welcome economic diversification as employment opportunities in new tech businesses grow – making Marbella a great place to work as well as live!