Why choose an exclusive agent when selling your Marbella property

Publication: 15 Jun. 2022
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In many markets and countries, such as for instance the United Kingdom and the Netherlands, real estate agencies work on a strictly territorial basis, specialising in and covering a specific residential area. As a result, they will often know little about the property market specifics of surroundings zones, but know theirs inside out. In such a situation, exclusivity – i.e. the sole representation and marketing of a property on behalf of the owner – is quite a common practice, but in many ways the Costa del Sol, and Marbella in particular, is a very different real estate market.

Here, property agents tend to cover all or most of an area that extends over 200 kilometres of shoreline, from Sotogrande in the west to Fuengirola or sometimes even Nerja in the east. What’s more, the residential suburbs covered stretch inland along leafy suburbs and golf courses into exclusive country clubs situated in the hills overlooking Marbella. It’s a large area to have to focus upon, which is why many agents specialise either in specific regions or a particular segment of the market, to be able to offer the kind of properties and know-how you need.

A quality specialist
Marbella Hills Homes does exactly this, providing expert know-how and service in the luxury segment of the Marbella property market. As a result, we have become one of the most highly-regarded companies in this field, based upon our product and area knowledge, technical expertise, the properties and track record we can offer our clients, and the efficient, personalised service that comes with it. But more than simply focusing on the luxury market, we dedicate ourselves to finding our clients quality homes – so you could say that our niche is just that, quality Marbella homes for sale.

With this comes a level of knowledge and marketing experience which, when concentrated, produces optimal results. The methodology that enables an agent to dedicate all of its resources and efforts to selling your property – quickly, for the right price and with discretion – is exclusivity, as it allows them to truly invest in marketing your Marbella property to their local and international network of clients and collaborating agents. You may not be able to place the home with a variety of agents during the period of exclusivity, but if you choose the right company the results will be far better.

For one thing, working with an exclusive agent such as Marbella Hills Homes gives you greater control, as well as a proactive marketing and sales partner, and it ensures your property is not over-exposed and presented to the buying public in the right, consistent, manner. Basically, if you invest in an agent, the agent will invest in you – or more specifically, in selling your property.

Exclusivity contracts have the duration both parties agree to, and a professional real estate agency will provide you with a realistic valuation and pricing strategy, a marketing and sales plan, professional presentational material, advertising and online promotion, as well as a large network of collaborating professionals and suitable buyers – and they will negotiate on your behalf. Moreover, you will have one point of contact, and won’t have to try to orchestrate the diverse activities of many different agencies.

Above all, it’s important to choose the right agent, so contact us and see if why many owners of top Marbella homes entrust Marbella Hills Homes with the exclusive representation and promotion of their property.