Finding your ideal Marbella home

Publication: 2 Aug. 2022
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With so many different properties and residential areas, it’s not always easy to find the Marbella property for sale that you’ve been picturing in your mind, so it is good to use some techniques that will help with the search.

Not only will they speed up the process of finding suitable Marbella homes to view, but they’ll also make it more accurate, and ensure that you get to see more of the kind of properties that you have been looking for.

Make a checklist
While we may carry such things in our minds, consciously or subconsciously, using an actual checklist is a handy way to rate and compare different properties, and ensure they have the features, amenities and characteristics that are important to us.

Creating a checklist is also a useful process in itself, as it forces us to think carefully about what is important to us in a home, particularly a Marbella property. The composition of the list will vary according to your own criteria, as well as if it is to be a holiday home or permanent residence.

Things to consider
Each person should make their own personalised checklist, but general considerations include the following:

Is there easy access to the amenities that are important to you?
List the amenities that are important to have nearby – such as shops, sports clubs, schools, beach clubs, etc.
What should the setting feel like?
Is a gated community important to you?
Which views do you enjoy the most, such as mountain, garden, golf and/or sea?
Do you value tranquillity and privacy most or like to be close to leisure spots?

What kind of property type (apartment, villa etc.) appeals most to you?
Size – how many bedrooms do you need, and what overall size do you have in mind?
Style – do you prefer modern or more traditional or even renovated design?
Amenities – set your priorities in terms of garden, garages, storage, terraces, swimming pool and possible features such as fireplace, BBQ, home entertainment areas, spa, gym, etc.
Do you want large indoor-outdoor living spaces, a patio, and/or an open-plan kitchen and living room layout?
Are there any specific features, such as a walk-in dressing area, that you would like to have?

Added to these are many more personal details you will want to include when you think about the Marbella property you want, but budget and usage will be universal ones. While it will ultimately depend not on a checklist but on how the right property makes you feel, this process helps you find that home quicker and more accurately.

Speak to us and we will use our experience to help you define the things that are important to you in your Marbella property search.