Why is Marbella so popular with families right now?

Publication: 19 Aug. 2022
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If Marbella was previously above all a favoured place for affluent people to visit and retire, it has now become one of the most hotly desired lifestyle destinations for families with good net worth. In this article we look at the reasons for this latest trend.

It is well-documented that 2021 produced a record level of revenue in property sales across the Costa del Sol but in particular in the ‘Golden Triangle’ municipalities of Marbella, Benahavis and Estepona, where the demand for luxurious villas and apartment complexes is exceeding supply, particularly in the market for modern and newly built homes.

Not all, but many of the people searching for and buying these properties are professionals and entrepreneurs in the 30 to 50 age group, and many of them are looking for family homes, not just holiday homes as in the past. This has resulted in a shift in their property requirements, as they now want more space, home entertainment amenities and also office areas for remote working.

Why Marbella?
The buyers described above come from a variety of countries, including Sweden, Denmark, Norway, the British Isles, The Netherlands, Belgium, France and now also increasingly from German-speaking countries, Poland, Arabic-speaking countries and also Spain itself. The trend is clearly related to the opportunity to work remotely, and the lifestyle drive triggered by the Covid lockdown experience.

This has caused many who can afford it to work independently to look for more pleasant living environments, and some entrepreneurs have even moved their entire business operations to Marbella or the tech centre in Málaga. The reason why this region is now perhaps the number one lifestyle destination is Europe is manifold.

Firstly, the Costa del Sol offers a sociable, healthy, outdoor lifestyle made possible by one of the sunniest year-round climates in Europe, with an average annual temperature of 19°C, multiple golf courses and other sports facilities, and a setting by the Mediterranean Sea that is surrounded by the natural beauty of green valleys, wooded hills and mighty mountain ranges.

Other amenities important to families include a great choice of international schools with a variety of languages and curricula, a cosmopolitan environment, good connections to the rest of Europe, and other amenities such as technical support services, medical care, co-working centres, excellent fine dining, culture and shopping – all the required ingredients for professional life and family lifestyle.

Given this, there is a certain competition for the way of life this region offers, and the properties and residential areas that come with it. Marbella Hills Homes not only offers a prime selection of Marbella property for sale, but we’re also experts at providing technical and lifestyle advice and support, so contact us here if you’re interested in trying the Marbella way of life.