How to make the most of outdoor living in your Marbella property

Publication: 27 Aug. 2022
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One of the key attractions of Marbella is its climate, considered to be the sunniest in Europe, and the factor that makes the area’s famous outdoor lifestyle a reality. But how do you make sure your Marbella property is set up to make the most of its outdoor living spaces?

We have been involved in a lot of property transactions in Marbella and have helped clients from all around the world to find a property to buy in Marbella, so we know the local market very well and also understand what today’s international buyer is looking for. As long-term residents of Marbella, we furthermore understand how appealing the outdoor aspect of life here is, and how you can design your home to make the most of that experience.

Tips for enjoying Marbella’s outdoor living
In a Marbella property the outdoor living spaces fall into the following categories, and many apartments and most villas will feature them:

Main terrace from living area
Private terraces and patios
Swimming pool and deck
Rooftop terraces and entertainment areas
Tennis or paddle courts

While the property you buy will feature any combination of the above, there is always room for improvement and personalisation. The ideal main terrace should link with the living and dining areas of your property to create one extended lifestyle zone that can be enhanced by ambient decoration in the style you like, as well as such features as an outdoor fireplace, bar or kitchen/barbecue.

Private bedroom terraces and patios are just made for creating an atmospheric setting with the use of evocative décor, including linen curtains, candles, ambient lighting and comfortable sofas and chairs. They form a cool spot during warm summer days and evenings, just as poolside sundecks can provide the ideal setting for family entertainment areas such as covered pool houses with lounge and dining areas, kitchen/barbecue, showers and toilets (for practicality) and even pool tables and/or fireplaces for those cosy evenings.

The same is true of rooftop terraces, which should be partly covered/shaded, and in addition to lounging, dining and outdoor kitchens could also include a splash pool or hot tub. The garden is the part of the home that connects all these areas and provides it with a sense of space, privacy and green nature. It should be lush yet not require too much watering, encompassing green lawn areas, flowering sections that add colour and life to the home, as well as lovely trees that frame views and offer shaded spaces. Finally, the garden should enrich the senses with its tones and fragrance.

If your property contains extra space, why not add practical features such as a tennis or paddle tennis court, perhaps with showers and changing room, and possibly with a little seating area and bar, so it becomes a lively part of the home as well as providing young and old alike with a means to exercise and burn up some energy/calories.

These days, outdoor gyms and yoga facilities set in the open air amid greenery and views add the finishing touch to a Marbella home made for the ultimate lifestyle.