Building a luxury villa in Marbella – what will it cost?

Publication: 21 Nov. 2022
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To buy a luxury villa, or to build one? When taking a decision such as this, there are a multitude of elements to take into consideration, but for most people deciding to build their own home, the deciding factor is that the finished product will be bespoke and finished entirely to your taste and style.
Much like ‘how much does a car cost?’, the answer to ‘how much will it cost to build a luxury villa?’ has the same answer – it depends on the specifications you stipulate. When a simple door can cost anything from €1,000 to several thousand euros, a self-build depends on how much you are prepared to spend and the quality of finish you wish to achieve.

General figures for a luxury villa self-build
To build an 800m2 house with a large 400m2 basement recreation area, expect the cost to be in the region of €2,000m2 to include good quality finishings – €2.4m in total. A brand-new kitchen with high-quality appliances will be in the region of €100,000, while landscaping of the plot is likely to cost around the same, €100,000.

Integral to the build are costs for your chosen architect, project management, licences, technical reports, permits and taxes – all of which are likely to add up to around €600,000. Include the cost of a good plot and the taxes to be paid on it and the total cost of self-build will be in the region of €6.5 – 7m approx.

Were you to sell the villa once built, however, we would estimate you would be able to price it at around €10m.

Don’t do it alone
When written out like this, the whole process seems simple – we are sure you are aware, however, there is nothing simple about building your own home! The actual building of a villa takes around 18 months, however, when all the factors that need to come together for a completed construction are taken into account, the process usually takes around three years.
Which is where we come in – we can help you navigate the process from start to finish. From helping you find the plot you want to project management of the construction.

Many clients engage project management professionals after the architect has finished or, most optimistically, as work is about to begin on-site. However, we will work with you from inception of the project, as your representative dealing with planning, design, management and completion of your home. As your direct representative, our goal is to deliver a project on time and on budget.
Building your own home is a project of a lifetime and we want to ensure that the satisfaction of seeing it built is not marred by a difficult, disappointing process.

Call us to discuss your dream project and we will endeavour to make sure your dream becomes a stress-free reality!