Marbella: the healthiest destination in Europe!

Publication: 7 Mar. 2019
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Spain continues its reign as the healthiest country in the world with the news this week that the nation claimed top spot on the Bloomberg Healthiest Country Index, beating Italy and Iceland into second and third place respectivley.

The findings are the result of analysed data drawn from the World Health Organisation, United Nations Population Division and the World Bank, which determined the well being of 169 countries around the world. Researchers for the project took into consideration factors relating to both health and the environment, including obesity, sanitation and clean water.

Diet, climate and culture all play their part in ensuring the fortunate residents of Spain can claim to have the highest life expectancy in Europe, and previous reports have confirmed that the Mediterranean diet is intrinsically beneficial to a healthy lifestyle.

In Marbella and other towns along the Costa del Sol these elements are in plentiful supply and the area is now popular as a health destination. It’s incredibly easy to live a healthier lifestyle here in every aspect, from the year round perfect weather conditions to the abundance of first class sport and leisure facilities, and access to some of the best food produce in the world.

The countryside and coast of the region are also liberally peppered with indoor and outdoor amenities that are conducive to inspiring a more active way of life. Watersports are available on every beach, the rural landscape of Andalucía is ideal for hiking and cycling, and each resort offers quality gyms and spas.

Every restaurant, café and household here has access to the fresh produce that constitutes the Mediterranean diet, such as olive oil, vegetables and fish – all helpful in reducing depression and the risk of mortality in older people.

A report in 2018 published by the University of Washington’s Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation also predicted that Spain’s population will have an average lifespan of 85.8 years in 2040. It’s clear then that the research and lifestyle conditions are all indicating that a longer and happier existence can be found in this part of the world.

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