At your service during the coronavirus lockdown

Publication: 31 Mar. 2020
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Professionals are there for you come rain or shine, and Marbella Hills Home can continue to help you with your property needs and house hunting during the coronavirus lockdown. Fortunately, a lot of work can now be done remotely, making it possible for us to continue to provide our service and be at your disposal even now.

The Marbella Hills Homes website is our main shop window at all times, and it is especially useful now, offering a full range of properties and search galleries, as well as market, product and area information. It also lists our contact details, on which you can reach us as normal. In this sense nothing has changed since the crisis, so all preparation and research can be done as usual with the help of our website and our team’s support—and it’s open 24-hours a day, 7 days per week.

We also provide online viewings, property videos and Skype or Facetime calls during which we can give you all the information you want and answer any questions, as well as discuss your property requirements and look at different homes, both outside and indoors. We use a system called Videocall for this, and as many of our clients are abroad and have busy schedules, it comes in handy even quite apart from times like the present.

So, coronavirus or no, we do our best to ensure everything can run as efficiently as always and look forward to when the crisis blows over and you’re free to enjoy your Marbella home in this wonderful climate and setting.

Let us know if you want to make use of this time to find out more about property for sale in Marbella and surroundings – thanks to modern technology we’re able to almost function as normal, and remain entirely at your service!