Marbella—the safe city

Publication: 31 Aug. 2020
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Marbella has become the first Spanish city to received a Covid-safe certificate.

Recently Marbella was the first city in Spain to receive the Covid-safe certification issued by the Instituto para la Calidad Turística Española (ICTE). The city was praised for the work it has done to achieve this status and provide a healthy, safe environment for residents and visitors by Fernando Fraile, director of ICTE.

The measures that have made this possible include strict policing of rules such as wearing of masks when in crowds, limiting the capacity of beaches, bars and other public spaces, and ensuring pop-up events are closed before they get out of hand. The cleaning and disinfecting of public areas has also contributed greatly, as has the general cooperation shown by local and international residents in the area.

Visitors arriving at Málaga’s Pablo Ruíz Picasso Airport have to register electronically within 48 hours before physically entering the country, using an SPTH app to fill in so that they receive a personalised QR code, which is scanned upon arrival. People coming off aeroplanes walk through a new thermal imaging area where their temperature is measured, and those with a high reading are taken aside for possible testing and, if necessary, quarantine.

These measures may seem far-reaching, but they exist to guard the safety of as many people as possible and are contributing to the fact that so far Marbella has had to endure a relatively small number of infections and very few casualties. A minimal amount of discomfort upon arrival makes it possible for people to come to Marbella and enjoy their time here with a high degree of peace of mind.

It comes as the Spanish government launches the new Covid Radar app that tracks anyone that a person diagnosed with the Covid has had contact with within a 14-day period and sends them an anonymous message (i.e. unrelated to the infected person and in no way mentioning their name or details), requesting they visit their local doctor or clinic for testing.

Get your QR travel code from the Spain Travel site and stay safe in Marbella!