New French international school opens in Marbella

Publication: 23 Apr. 2021
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Amid the many international schools that are English-language or bilingual, for many years the German and French speaking parts of the world were represented by the Deutsche Schule in La Mairena and the Lycée Française in Málaga respectively. Now, in response to the growing number of French speakers who are making the Costa del Sol their home, a new French international school is opening in Marbella this year.

École Française Internationale Marbella
The École Française Internationale de Marbella, or EFIM, will be opening its doors for the new academic year starting in September 2021, providing the full range of educational facilities and services for French and non-French pupils from ages three to eleven. For now, the EFIM is a primary school that follows the highly praised French National Education Programme, but does so within an innovative trilingual environment of French, Spanish and English.

This is achieved through an advanced teaching system that enables children to achieve to their best potential without overburdening them. The EFIM will be providing a first-class learning environment that sets children up for continued education locally, in France and elsewhere in the world, and already the response from parents has seen keen. Naturally, many of the children already enrolled are French speakers coming from France, Belgium, Luxemburg, Switzerland, Morocco and other parts of the Francophone world, but a significant number also come from other parts of Europe, the Middle East and indeed Spain itself.

The French-speaking community in Marbella and surroundings has been growing strongly in recent years, yet the EFIM also caters to those non-French parents who would like their children to learn languages at a young age and enjoy learning within one of the most advanced educational systems in Europe. This is true both of the arts and the sciences, all of which are well-facilitated.

This is great news for all French speakers living in and around Marbella, and for more information about the curriculum, facilities, transportation and the possibility of registering your children at the EFIM, contact