Experience the walk-through experience of our virtual tours

Publication: 28 Dec. 2021
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In the 21st century, a truly professional real estate agency blends a combination of traditional ethics, discretion and personal service with modern marketing knowledge and the use of the latest technological tools. It’s a powerful mix that results in optimal customer results and client experience, and one that characterises the way in which Marbella Hills Homes approaches real estate.

Among such tools as 3D renders and models, walk-through videos and also direct chat options, we also use agile drone footage to get to virtually every nook and cranny of a property. All of this visual imagery is then used to create highly realistic AR and VR tools that enable potential buyers who may be thousands of kilometres away to ‘experience’ the home and ‘see’ it for themselves in a lifelike, three-dimensional way – as if they were walking through its rooms in person.

Another popular method of viewing and becoming familiar with a home though not physically being in it is a video visit, which allows you to follow a guided tour of a luxurious villa or penthouse apartment, complete with views, opening of cupboards and experiencing the evening ambience as the lights come on. Our clients can either watch static existing videos hosted on our YouTube channel, or contact our office and arrange a live walk-through video.

The advantage of the latter is that you can speak directly with one of our team members as he or she walks you through the house. They will show you all the amenities and design features, as well as the views, and discuss the specifications and surrounding area, but you are also free to ask specific questions and to see those details that catch your eye more closely. It’s almost like being there yourself!

So contact our team and let them walk you through the beautiful homes of Marbella on one of its typically sunny days.