Discover the Incomparable Luxury of Marbella’s New Members Club

Publication: 23 Sep. 2023
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In the heart of the charismatic Puente Romano resort lies the jewel of exclusivity – the Owners Club. A haven designed only for hotel guests and privileged members; it seamlessly blends contemporary comforts with a touch of the cultural heritage of Marbella. Located on the Mediterranean’s edge, it’s a mere 45-minute journey from Málaga International Airport, offering incomparable beachfront luxury.

A Glimpse Inside the Club’s Exclusive Oasis
Step into the Owners Club, and you’ll find yourself in an elegant living space. It contains a fully equipped business centre, a chic cocktail bar, a pool table for leisure, and a terrace with enchanting vistas of La Plaza. The club goes beyond luxury, it offers dedicated private concierge and personal assistant services, making sure your every need is met within its inviting walls.

Marbella’s Sought-After Getaway for Sophisticated Travellers
For years, Puente Romano has been the preferred sanctuary for a diverse range of individuals, from celebrities to families, all seeking an exclusive escape. This dynamic resort appeals to both social butterflies and peace-seekers, making it an ideal destination. Now, with the VIP Club, a harmonious blend of classic elegance and contemporary flair awaits, promising an extraordinary experience.

A Sanctuary for the Elite
The new Marbella Members VIP Club extends its invitation to the elite patrons of Puente Romano and its sister establishment, the Marbella Club. These renowned five-star hotels have earned applause for their impeccable service and lavish offerings. The Owners Club operates daily, from 9:00 AM to midnight, granting access to guests through their room cards.

Membership: An Invitation to Exceptional Luxury
While membership remains an invitation-only privilege, visitors staying at the Nobu Hotel, guests in Puente Romano’s luxurious suites, and club members’ guests gain access to the club’s exclusive amenities during their stay. This club is more than a complement to the five-star luxury hotel; it is an exclusive area, offering permanent members an extraordinary space for relaxation, socialising, and conducting business meetings.

The World of Privileges Awaits
For permanent members, the Owners Club presents an expansive calendar of thoughtfully tailored activities, set against an exclusive backdrop of tasteful luxury. Here, relaxation meets engaging social interactions, with globally renowned speakers and cutting-edge topics on the agenda. The club’s elegant ambiance also serves as an ideal venue for meetings, and their engaged staff ensures every moment is seamless.

A Modern Elite Community
The Owners Club maintains an elite aura while embracing a contemporary atmosphere. Its membership transcends age and gender divisions, creating a dynamic and inclusive community. As the Puente Romano Hotel director notes, it’s an elite status with a modern charm that attracts a diverse array of members.

Prepare to embark on a journey into the lap of luxury, where Marbella’s exclusive Members Club promises an unparalleled experience. From inspiring events to personalised service, this club is your passport to unforgettable moments on the stunning shores of the Mediterranean.

If you’re considering a membership in this exclusive club and contemplating a move to Marbella, feel free to get in touch with our experienced brokers. They’ll provide you with tailored options to turn your Marbella dream into a reality, allowing you to embrace a life of luxury and flair!