The Spectacular Karl Lagerfeld Villas Arrive on Marbella’s Golden Mile

Publication: 23 Sep. 2023
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The highly anticipated Karl Lagerfeld Villas have finally graced the Marbella Golden Mile, adding an extra touch of opulence to this already exclusive area. The launching of the first mega-luxury villa, sold for an impressive 15 million euros, sets an exceptionally high standard for the upcoming sales which are due to be on the market 2024. International buyers and investors are already queuing up for their chance to be a part of this prestigious project, which comprises five exclusive residences seamlessly integrated into the lush beauty of the Golden Mile.

Karl Lagerfeld’s Architectural Legacy Shines in Marbella
Karl Lagerfeld’s legacy exceeds fashion, his deep-seated passion for interior design and architecture now shines through in the fashion brand’s first ever villa project, not only in Spain but also globally. Combining sustainability with luxury, these villas embrace a lifestyle-oriented design that harmoniously blends into the local landscape, using natural construction materials and elevated architecture. This remarkable property is strategically positioned between the stunning Mediterranean coastline and the Penibaetic Mountains, creating an oasis of tranquillity for its future residents.

Sierra Blanca Estates: The Developer Behind the Opulent Karl Lagerfeld Villas

The construction developer behind this opulent project is none other than Sierra Blanca Estates, a renowned Spanish company celebrated for its luxurious developments across Spain, including Marbella Designer Hills and EPIC Marbella.

Spanning an expansive area of 9,670 square metres, this project is not only about luxurious villas but also committed to an urban forestry approach, with an intention to plant a remarkable 300 to 350 trees. This green initiative not only enhances biodiversity in the area but also significantly reduces CO2 emissions. Additionally, the project has meticulously designed over 2 kilometres of cycling paths, connecting the villas to the seaside. This forward-thinking feature aims to promote alternative modes of transportation in the most exclusive regions of the Costa del Sol, emphasising sustainability and mobility.

The Karl Lagerfeld villas are certainly boosting the exclusiveness of Marbella and increasing the value of the city. If you’re interested in exploring opportunities to relocate to Marbella, and would like to see different options, don’t hesitate to reach out to our experienced brokers who can provide you with all the information and guidance you need to make the right decision. Your dream home in Marbella might be closer than you think!