Amazing Málaga ranks as the second-best city in the world for remote workers

Publication: 3 Nov. 2023
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Been thinking of starting to work remotely and move abroad? This is your sign to move to Málaga and Costa del Sol, Spain.

In a rapidly changing world, where the boundaries between work and life have blurred, the concept of remote work has become a completely normal phenomena and something that many people prefer over working on sight in an office. The pandemic accelerated this shift, making it possible for professionals from various sectors to embrace a digital nomad lifestyle, allowing them to break free from confines of a traditional office. And in this exciting world of remote work, Málaga has emerged as a shining star, claiming the prestigious title of the second-best city in the world for remote work, according to the Executive Nomad Index.

Great quality of life
So, what exactly is it that makes Málaga stand out from the crowd of world cities? Well, at its core, it offers an exceptional quality of life. The city contains a delightful mix of culture, stunning beaches, closeness to spectacular golf courses, delicate gastronomy, cool co-working places and a charming old town that has been captivating travellers for centuries. Living in Málaga also offers the opportunity to explore the long stretch of Costa del Sol and its mix of picturesque and luxurious little towns like Marbella, Estepona, Nueva Andalucia and many more. Beyond the buzz and glamour, Málaga has solid reasons to attract executives turned digital nomads since the pandemic, as outlined in the Executive Nomad Index.

The Executive Nomad Index: A closer look
The Executive Nomad Index is an annual ranking by real estate consultancy Savills that evaluates cities or regions which are home to high-level remote workers. It considers various factors, including internet speed, quality of life, climate, air connectivity, and upscale rental housing prices. Málaga shines with an overall score of 32.38 points, falling just two points short of the top-ranked Dubai.

Málaga earns the highest quality of life score (10.38) on the list. Its internet connectivity (8.06) and prime rental competitiveness (5.26) are also worth mentioning. While the climate score is average (4.45), it surpasses several renowned destinations.

The rising star of Málaga
Málaga’s visibility has certainly risen, driven in part by Google’s investment and its impact on other multinational companies like Vodafone, Citi, and Globant. However, beyond the corporate influx, Málaga offers solid reasons to attract digital nomads.

The city’s cultural and tourist appeal has grown, thanks to its remarkable museums and a captivating old town. Málaga’s international airport is conveniently accessible from the city centre, with direct flights from New York and other core destinations further enhancing its appeal.

A haven for digital nomads
Málaga’s captivating spirit doesn’t stop at its cultural and corporate appeal. Spain’s digital nomad visa, launched in 2022, definitely helped put Málaga to its second place in the Executive Nomad Index. Its appealing climate, picturesque beaches, rich culture, delectable cuisine, and relatively affordable rental market all contribute to its charm.

In comparison to many European cities, Málaga offers affordable restaurant prices, rents, and daily living expenses, fostering a sense of security among its residents. The city’s eastern part traditionally attracts the upper class, while the western coast is undergoing regeneration and flagship development.

Demand outstripping supply
However, the surge in demand from nomadic workers turning to Málaga has created a shortage of available properties, furniture, high-quality offices, and coworking spaces. The city’s ability to cater to this market’s needs is outstripped by the overwhelming demand.

As Málaga shines in its newfound glory as the world’s second-best city for remote work, it poses a promise to the evolving landscape of work, where flexibility, quality of life, and a digital-savvy environment blends together in a perfect harmony. For those seeking a harmonious blend of work and play, Málaga is the perfect destination that embraces the future of remote work with open arms.

If all this sounds exciting to you, and you no longer only want to be dreaming of a new adventurous and fun life in Málaga or the towns around Costa del Sol. Do not hesitate to reach out to us and we’ll make your dream of a new lifestyle come true!