Festive interior tips for a magical Christmas transformation

Publication: 16 Nov. 2023
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Oh beloved Christmas, it’s the season of joy and merriment, where the warmth of Christmas envelops us in the company of loved ones. While daytime in Marbella remains sunny during December, the evenings bring a drop in temperature and the onset of darkness, that’s why maximising the levels of cosiness in your home is a great way to make the best out of December. With the festive season just around the corner, we’ve put together a handful of tips and tricks to create the ultimate cosy atmosphere infusing your home with the spirit of Christmas.

1.Sheepskin blankets
Sheepskin blankets are fluffy, soft and have a decorative aesthetic charm. Throw them over a stool or armchair to bring a new delightful character into your furniture that will infuse a winter and Christmassy vibe. Also, placing a sheepskin just next to your bed will transform the start of your day as stepping out of bed putting your bare feet onto the soft warm fur is a cosy alternative to the chill of a cold floor.

2.Decorative and delicious fruit plates
Use a beautiful decorative plate to create an exquisite, expansive fruit plate adorned with decorative fruits, nuts, and chocolate pralines wrapped in vibrant paper like Lindt Lindor balls. December is the season of delicious fruits such as pomegranates, oranges, kiwis, mandarins, grapes, persimmons, along with dried dates and figs. This decorative fruit plate not only adds aesthetic appeal to any room but also serves as a vitamin-packed cocktail. Place it on your living room table to boost the room’s ambiance, bringing joy to those who want to grab a delightful, vitamin-rich snack.

3.Christmas pillowcases
Transform your living room or bedroom effortlessly by swapping out your pillowcases. Go for shades of red, green, or gold, or indulge in beautiful embroidery motives for an elegant and cosy addition to your space, complementing for example a modern white sofa. With a multitude of options, pillowcases can be both playful, cosy and beautiful and offer a quick and easy makeover to your room.

4.Gather Pinecones

Take advantage of having a pine tree forest around to collect its pinecones for festive decorations. Whether used in their natural state or elevated with a touch of DIY glamour, these cones can become exquisite Christmas crafts. Consider spraying them with gold or glitter for a quick and easy transformation, showcasing your creative touch. Hang them as ornaments or incorporate them into your Christmas table setting for a personalised and charming festive atmosphere.

5.Swap in Seasonal Candles
Candles are definitely the ultimate cosiness boosters, especially as December arrives. Swap your regular candles to more festive ones in dark green, red or gold along with classic white ones. And why not elevate the experience further by going for scented candles with fragrances like gingerbread or mulled wine? It’s time to engage the senses with delightful scents and warm lights, infusing any room with an irresistible level of cosiness.

6.Don’t forget your porch
The entrance of your house is the first impression of your home and should not be forgotten, so if you have extra garland or bows, bring them outdoors for your visitors to get a little extra boost of Christmas spirit already at your door. It will be well appreciated not only by yourself and your family but also by neighbours and by passers which aligns well with the Christmas spirit as Christmas is all about sharing and spreading joy to others. Putting branches of fir trees or ivy with red bows on your stairs and doorway is a great way to give that extra Christmassy touch.

At Marbella Hills Homes, we extend warm wishes for a delightful and stylish Christmas season. If you’re on the lookout for your next cherished home, perfect for many upcoming Christmases, we’re here to assist you in finding the home of your dreams. Feel free to contact us today!