Revive and Rejuvenate on the Costa del Sol

Publication: 2 Apr. 2024
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Marbella has it all. A wonderful climate that sees the sun shining almost every day, stunning scenery and of course, those fabulous beaches that stretch on for miles. Rest and relaxation are not hard to come by, but if you’re looking for a wellness retreat to pamper the mind and body, Marbella can do that too.

With a wealth of exclusive health retreats that promise rejuvenation and wellness, you are in good hands. Our small selection, Shanti Som, Puente Romano, and the Buchinger Wilhelmi offer unique experiences tailored to those seeking a retreat from the stresses of daily life, ensuring you return to your daily life refreshed and revived.

Shanti Som
Hidden away in the Andalucian hills behind Marbella, Shanti Som creates a sanctuary for those seeking peace and rejuvenation. With a range of retreats tailored to individual needs, guests can choose from relaxation, yoga and Pilates, detox, weight loss, and healing retreats. Each programme is designed with specific goals in mind, whether it’s to unwind and relieve stress, reconnect with one’s body through movement, or reset with a carefully designed juice and broth diet. The minimum stay varies by program, ensuring guests fully immerse themselves in the healing experience. Shanti Som also offers day passes, allowing access to its facilities, including a heated outdoor pool, sauna, and steam room, for those who wish to experience a taste of tranquillity without an overnight stay.

Puente Romano
The Puente Romano Hotel and Resort offers a luxurious wellness experience with its state-of-the-art fitness facilities, including the renowned Six Senses Spa. Known for its opulent surroundings and exceptional service, the Puente Romano provides a holistic approach to wellness, combining physical health, mental well-being, and nutritional balance. Guests can indulge in personalised spa treatments, participate in fitness classes, and enjoy healthy gourmet cuisine, all while surrounded by the resort’s stunning Mediterranean gardens and breathtaking sea views.

Buchinger Wilhelmi
Buchinger Wilhelmi, a clinic specialising in therapeutic fasting and integrative medicine, offers a unique approach to health and wellness. With a focus on fasting, nutrition, and physical activity, the clinic provides a comprehensive program designed to detoxify the body, promote weight loss, and enhance overall well-being. Guests receive personalised care from a team of medical professionals, nutritionists, and therapists, ensuring a holistic and transformative experience. The peaceful setting and supportive environment make Buchinger Wilhelmi an ideal place for those looking to embark on a journey of self-discovery and healing.

Each of these retreats in Marbella offers a unique path to wellness, set against the backdrop of Spain’s stunning Costa del Sol. Whether seeking a peaceful escape, a luxurious wellness experience, or a professionally supervised health program, guests are sure to find a retreat that meets their needs and exceeds their expectations.

We’d love to help you find your ideal home to relax in, don’t hesitate to contact our knowledgeable sales team.