Marbella property features people looked for in 2020

Publication: 22 Jan. 2021
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2020 was a year of many changes – some temporary and others more long-lasting, as some of the trends that emerged or accelerated during the year are here to stay.

Indeed, 2020 was the year in which many trends that had already begun some years ago really gained traction, including working remotely, having Zoom meetings, buying online and also viewing properties with the use of modern virtual tour technology. Such 21st century tools undoubtedly help to keep the search alive, and in some cases they also lead to property transactions, but overall buyers, vendors and agents alike can’t wait for the airways to open up again so people can come to Marbella and view their selection of properties in person. After all, there still is no substitution for experiencing a property for yourself and getting that tickle of excitement when you see the one that is just right for you.

What our clients want on the outside
This said, there has been a significant evolution in the things our clients have asked for when searching for properties to buy in Marbella. More important than ever is space – not necessarily cavernous homes, but people are looking for properties that offer enough living space to spend longer periods of time in. In this sense the Costa del Sol is certainly moving away from the compact two-bedroom holiday apartment format to the more luxurious year-round living home, be it a villa or an apartment.

Greenery and views are also more desired than ever, as the Covid lockdown made people shy away from built-up urban areas and seek a green space of their own. Families especially are paying more attention to gardens and/or large terraces, and for this reason ground floor garden apartments appear more sought-after than ever. Views and having leisure facilities on your terrace or in your garden add to this, so outdoor lounge and dining spaces, fire pits, cabana bars and houses, as well as sports and fitness facilities are definitely becoming a bit of a must.

And on the inside…
Indoors, those who can afford it really do want the whole set, including private spas and indoor heated swimming pools, not to mention top-of-the-range entertainment areas and professional offices. While people on slightly smaller budgets are looking for Marbella homes with flexible working spaces or ones that can be quite easily created. They also want fast internet for convenient and efficient working from home and love to cook in a modern kitchen and overlook an inspiring view – most typically the Mediterranean Sea, but also golf courses and country or mountain scenery.

We’ve also found that while property buyers in Marbella want to be near shops and other amenities, they more than ever value privacy, security and ideally – if possible – also to be close to open nature.

Fortunately, Marbella has all of the above to offer, and we can help you find it, so contact our friendly and efficient agents and let’s see if we can tick off all your 2021 property requirements.

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