Marbella marinas: a boat owners dream

Publication: 9 Jul. 2021
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One of the distinct pleasures of life in Marbella is its beautiful setting on the Mediterranean Sea, close to the point where the western extreme of the ‘Mare Nostrum’ meets the open expanses of the Atlantic Ocean. The latter also provides cooling winds that are especially welcome in summer, not to mention great for sailing.

Not surprisingly, the Costa del Sol is endowed with an excellent choice of marinas that each offer their own unique facilities, setting and ambience, with four of them just in the Marbella area itself. The most famous of these is the glamorous yacht harbour of Puerto Banús, where stunning floating palaces are moored alongside famous brand designer boutiques.

It is an area of trendy restaurants, bars and nightclubs, where sportscars and beautiful people can be seen against a backdrop of luxurious yachts, some so big they have their own helipads. With a large El Corte Inglés department store, Puerto Banús is as well-known for its fine dining and shopping as it is for yachting, nightlife and people-watching.

For those who enjoy a somewhat more laid-back, down to earth boating environment, the marina in Marbella town is a true delight, featuring a pleasant yacht club with panoramic restaurant, as well as a series of charming beachside eateries and cafés, while the area fronting the yacht harbour is home to popular nightlife venues with lounge bars and salsa music.

Smaller and more intimate than Puerto Banús, this is a marina for true boating enthusiasts, and it’s close to the beaches, promenade, shops and tapas bars of the centre – the ideal spot from which to also watch the annual flotilla that celebrates the Virgén del Carmen, patron saint of fishermen.

Venture a little further east and you come to the fishing harbour of Marbella, which has a picturesque feel and is surrounded by sea, large beaches and quaint little fish restaurants that are traditionally decorated but offer some of the best seafood dishes in the region.

Surrounding Marbella
Leaving the town and heading east towards Fuengirola, the next marina you come to is also one of the prettiest on the Costa del Sol, set within a little cove close to long sandy beaches and a protected coastal reserve of dunes, umbrella fine groves and ancient stone watchtowers.

The yacht harbour of Cabopino is smaller than most but all the more charming for it, fronted as it is by a series of popular restaurants and cafés. Its equivalent west of Marbella is the marina of Estepona, which like Marbella is also split into a sailing and fishing section – the latter also famous for its excellent and very authentic fish restaurants.

The Marbella area is a paradise for those who love the sea, sailing and water sports, offering a long Mediterranean coastline complete with beaches, coves and bays, as well as scenic landmarks such as Gibraltar and the entrance to the Atlantic—not to mention the possibility of exploring the exoticism of Morocco in places such as Tangiers, Marina Smir and Ceuta.

If boats are part of your lifestyle, contact us to find out more about Marbella marina properties and homes close to the water.