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A Liquid Lifeline – Marbella Desalination Plant to be Expanded

Publication: 2 Mar. 2024

If you live in Marbella, it cannot have escaped your notice that water levels in the reservoirs that keep taps and showers flowing, and swimming pools topped up in the summer months, have been getting dangerously low. The Marbella desalination plant that can produce half the water used on the Western Costa del Sol was first brought into service in 1997, however as water scarcity becomes an increasingly pressing issue, innovative solutions are more important than ever.

Escape the Crowds: Lesser-Known Beaches on the Costa del Sol

Publication: 20 Feb. 2024

The Costa del Sol, of the ‘Sunshine Coast’, is a breathtaking 150km stretch of coastline in Southern Spain’s Andalucía region, extending from Sotogrande in the west through Málaga to Nerja in the east. Famous for its 300+ days of sunshine a year, this area draws countless tourists from all over the world to its resort towns and beautiful beaches.

Spring in Marbella: The Perfect Time To Enjoy Your Garden

Publication: 14 Feb. 2024

It is a privilege that is impossible to take for granted in Marbella: the colours of the year-round blooms, the greenery of a manicured lawn, or the sound of palm trees rustling in a gentle breeze. With Spring just around the corner, however, this scenic region of southern Spain comes into its own. The famous climate that basks in 320 days of sunshine a year escapes the cold and damp conditions that much of Northern Europe experiences, offering residents the chance to luxuriate in an enviable indoors/outdoors lifestyle. Spring weather in this region is idyllic, with mild, sunny days and infrequent showers, making it a perfect time to revel in the beauty of nature from the comfort of your picturesque garden.

Equestrian Centres on the Costa del Sol

Publication: 6 Feb. 2024

The Costa del Sol, the famous stretch of coast on Spain’s southernmost coast, is renowned for a myriad of factors. From the enviable climate that sees the sun shine all year round, to the stunning scenery of Andalucía that provides a backdrop to the long stretches of golden beaches.

Marbella’s Unique Attraction

Publication: 29 Jan. 2024

Enough words have been written about Marbella to fill several volumes of elegant coffee-table books. But what is it about this attractive seaside town that continues to attract the rich and famous, many decades after it was first ‘discovered’ by the international jet-set? Here we attempt to define the special blend of history, modernity and wide range of amenities that define the area and why there is no chance of it falling out of favour any time soon.

Exclusive Series: Exciting New Marbella Developments

Publication: 22 Jan. 2024

Welcome to our exclusive series offering an overview of the most exciting new developments currently in progress in Marbella and the surrounding areas.
It’s an exciting time to be exploring luxury apartments, with a wide selection of cutting-edge properties coming to market, enhanced by state-of-the-art facilities and amenities.
So, please read on as we begin our examination of luxury new developments you can look forward to seeing completed in the next year or two.