Real Estate Market Reports

Real Estate Market Reports

These market reports are invaluable when property hunting in Marbella: find all the data you need in order to make an informed decision on property purchase

Younger demographic now driving the Marbella property market

Publication: 19 Sep. 2018

The demographics relating to foreign buyers of Spanish property in the Marbella region of the Costa del Sol have undergone some interesting changes in recent years. At a time when the market has recovered and returned to a flourishing position, it is fascinating to monitor the shift in statistics relating to the people who are now buying in the area.

Marbella property market continues to prosper

Publication: 2 Aug. 2018

Marbella is among Spain’s top destinations for overseas buyers according to data from Tinsa and other organisations. The statistics show that the growth in the Marbella property market is not just a rumour being spread by the coast’s real estate agents; it is a verifiable fact.

It’s time to invest in the Costa del Sol

Publication: 16 Jan. 2018

In 2017, property sales on the coast consolidated and it became clear that we had definitely reached the end of the crisis years. We also noted that prices were more stable and that the market price was once again the sale price.

Marché immobilier de Marbella

Marbella Real Estate Market in 2016

Publication: 24 Jul. 2017

As we study the real estate market on the Costa del Sol one thing quickly becomes clear: the demand for luxury real estate and lifestyles in Marbella remains as strong as ever. There are naturally many factors affecting the property market right now, but it is against this framework of robust demand that the Marbella real estate sector is currently playing out.