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Record autumn for Marbella

Publication: 16 Oct. 2021

Who would have thought it a year ago, but not only did Marbella enjoy a good summer holiday season, where normally visitor numbers drop after the heights of August they have now continued almost unchanged – resulting in record statistics for the months of September and October.

The move towards sustainable homes in Marbella

Publication: 11 Oct. 2021

Just as it is doing around the world, there is a strong trend toward sustainable construction that is sweeping Marbella and other parts of the Costa del Sol. This movement, whose early roots in the area date back over 25 years now, has in recent times built up the critical mass needed to really make an impact on the market, and this has happened thanks to a combination of increased homebuyer awareness, followed by developers responding to this demand and local and regional authorities encouraging it.

Did you know Ronaldo owns a property in Marbella?

Publication: 5 Oct. 2021

Love him or not, Cristiano Ronaldo is a footballing star whose fame stretches beyond the game itself, and like David Beckham before him he has become an international celebrity in his own right, much like a top Hollywood actor or pop star. Another thing he has in common with Beckham is a certain love affair with Marbella, but did you know that Ronaldo owns a villa in Marbella?

Views to die for – panoramic properties in Marbella

Publication: 28 Sep. 2021

Quite apart from the specific style, size and amenities of the properties for sale in Marbella, there is one factor that almost all buyers here rank among their top priorities: views.

Want to know a secret? The best property buys in Marbella right now

Publication: 17 Sep. 2021

The Marbella property market has emerged from the Covid situation stronger than ever. The region’s climate, space and lifestyle offering have always been key draws, but it seems that the experiences of the past year have more than ever placed them at the forefront of people’s minds and top of their list of priorities.

Cristiano Ronaldo in Marbella

Publication: 10 Sep. 2021

He kept the world guessing where he would be going after the summer, and now we know it is back to Manchester United, where this football superstar first matured – but did you know Cristiano Ronaldo also has a strong connection with Marbella?