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Starlite Festival: The Ultimate Summer Destination

Publication: 7 Jun. 2024

If you’re looking for something a little different to do in Marbella this summer, look no further than the Starlite Festival. This premier cultural and musical event, running from mid-June to the end of August, offers an unparalleled mix of entertainment, luxury, and natural beauty. Set against the stunning backdrop…

Padel in Marbella: A Thrilling Sport for All Ages and Skill Levels 

Publication: 3 Jun. 2024

Padel tennis was relatively unknown not so long ago, however, it seems recently to have taken the world by storm. Among the various sports that attract both locals and visitors to Marbella, padel has emerged as a favourite. This dynamic and social racket sport, often described as a blend of tennis and squash, has gained its popularity due to being fun and accessible to players of all ages and skill levels. It is also a highly social sport, with so-called ‘mix-ins’ often taking place, where all-comers get to play with other members of their clubs in a mini-tournament. Read on to find out more about this exhilarating sport. 

Get Ready for Summer in Marbella: How to Keep Your Children Busy

Publication: 22 May. 2024

As summer approaches, schools wind down, and Marbella starts to hit holiday season, parents face the annual challenge of keeping their children entertained during the long, sunny days of the summer vacation. Fortunately, Marbella offers a fantastic range of activities to ensure your kids stay active, engaged, and happy. Here…

Summer Events – What to do in Marbella Summer 2024

Publication: 14 May. 2024

This summer, Marbella is set to dazzle residents and visitors alike with an array of high-profile events that promise to inject excitement and glamour into the sunny days of the season. Whether you are a passionate sports enthusiast or simply looking to do something that little bit different, Marbella offers something for everyone.

Spanish Golden Visa to be Discontinued?

Publication: 29 Apr. 2024

Recent reports from the Spanish government suggest that the Spanish Golden Visa programme, which offers residency to non-EU investors, is under scrutiny and may soon undergo significant changes, including potential discontinuation. As a result, we are advising our clients and interested investors to consider acting swiftly if they wish to secure a Golden Visa through investment in Spanish real estate.

What’s Your Lifestyle? Marbella’s Best Neighbourhoods Discovered

Publication: 24 Apr. 2024

One of the reasons Marbella continues to be the most popular destination for Western Europeans, Scandinavians and Eastern Europeans – even a burgeoning number of Americans – to live, work and holiday is that it is comprised of a myriad of neighbourhoods, each with different communities and lifestyles all living and working happily together. Whatever your lifestyle, there’s an area that will suit you.